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Interesting to see when I went there the loops and tying down points for fighters. The plan is to cover all the Essex disused airfields and then move further afield (just as we did on the ground for the old Airfield Hunting series long-term UKAR readers may remember).

It is a shame to see them being dug up for gravel etc though - there was certainly a lot more of Boreham and Rivenhall left when we visited them on the ground a decade or so ago.

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"The addition of Radix to our portfolio allows us to address current industry needs and have a vision for what will be essential to excel in tomorrow's global manufacturing market," Curtiss said in a news release."The AIS-Radix acquisition is the perfect example of technology and manufacturing coming together to present the innovation and advancement that the world has come to expect from our region," she said.

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The original plan had been to go to Great Oakley, something we've been trying to do for a while now but the weather has always been against us, and so again it got us with low cloud.

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