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drove from Troost Avenue back across the state line to his Kansas home, where he arrived in time to attend his teenage son’s regular Saturday soccer game. He was also a founding elder of the nearby Presbyterian Church. And in the mid-80s in Kansas he was becoming something much more sinister—a murderer of women. Unlike Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, who chose their victims impulsively and killed them with dispatch, Robinson developed relationships with his. I know because I grew up there, as did my parents and grandparents.

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When Perry Smith and Richard Hickock drove to western Kansas in 1959 and slaughtered the Clutter family, chronicled in Truman Capote’s thuh”), Hickock’s hometown, just a few minutes from where J. This story presents the case against Robinson as reflected in a three-month John Edward Robinson was born not in Kansas but in Cicero, Illinois, a blue-collar, Mafia-tinged enclave on the west edge of Chicago, in 1943. His father, Henry, was a machinist for Western Electric and a binge drinker.

His mother, Alberta, was the family disciplinarian and turned young John into a teenage star—at least briefly.

When he was 13, in the fall of 1957, he enrolled in the Quigley Preparatory Seminary in the heart of downtown Chicago, a five-year academy for Catholic boys. He also has an engaging smile.” Backstage he met Judy Garland.

That same fall he made the rank of Eagle Scout and flew to London to lead a group of 120 Boy Scouts onto the stage of the Palladium theater to appear in a command performance of a Scout variety show before Queen Elizabeth II. “We Americans gotta stick together,” young Robinson told her.

According to a , Robinson was selected for the honor “because of his scholastic ability, scouting experience, and poise. Robinson’s smile and choirboy mien were on display in that year’s Quigley yearbook.

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