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The popular girls in school aren't just famous in the cafeteria anymore — they're idolized by strangers across the Internet, fueled by Instagram's "Explore" tab.

Alongside what you would expect to be Instagram's most popular posts — what Kim Kardashian had for dinner usually makes it onto the page, selfies from a member of One Direction — are filtered masterpieces from otherwise anonymous teen girls.

Tap on a photo of a high schooler in her cheerleading uniform and a sky-high ponytail, and you'll discover an entire world of "cheerlebrities" — underage girls with hundreds of thousands of fans.

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Just like in high school, cheerleaders rise to the top.

But it's not just high school students following them — being popular on the Internet unfortunately means being popular with some of the creeps who populate it.

Instagram is a window into the private lives of cheerlebrities: their massive following knows who they're dating, what tumbling moves they can do, and what Bible verses are their favorites.

Even Victoria's Secret models have been sucked into the cheerlebrity world:"I didn't expect to get so many, I just kind of did my own thing and posted whatever I was doing, like a lot of cheer stuff," Gabi told The Wire.

She already had a lot of followers on Facebook, "so when Instagram came out, everybody was like 'oh, all the cheer-famous people must have Instagram.' ...

American cheerleader secrets online dating

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