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Each season features a high profile star as a nemesis for either Patty or Ellen (in the first season it was Ted Danson; in season two Len Cariou, in season three, Ted Danson returns, in season four, John Goodman, in season five, Ryan Philippe). Here are some early takes from various reviewers, brought together courtesy of the ABA Journal. With Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed, Kate's stepmother, a highpowered partner at the firm, Michael Patrick as Justin Patrick, Kate's former husband, a D. who still loves her, and Baron Vaughn as Leonardo Prince, Kate's loyal assistant. Stars Debbi Morgan as a newly elected Los Angeles DA and Lea Thompson as her chief assistant. This series was cancelled at the end of the 2003 season. Also starring Nate Corddry as Adam Branch, Brittany Snow as Jenna Backstrom, the receptionist, and Aml Ameen as Malcolm Davies, the paralegal. Shonda Rhimes is the executive producer of this legal drama, in which Viola Davis plays a criminal law professor who recruits her law students to help her with real cases. Alan Davies stars as a specialist in the creation of illusions for a magician; Caroline Quentin is the journalist who recruits him to solve mysteries. Brenneman's mother was one of the first women to graduate from Harvard Law School. Various other actresses play judges (Nancy Stafford as "Judge Bell," two episodes, 2003). Elizabeth (Lisa) Lackey is Alex De Monaco, unjustly convicted of insurance fraud.

Kevin James is a delivery man for "IPS" and Leah Remini is a legal secretary (although sometimes she almost acts like a lawyer). Noted trial attorney Roy Black played the Donald Trump role.

Tim Roth as psychologist Cal Lightman who specializes in undercovering deception. (TV series, Fox, 1993-1998) Starred Queen Latifah as the publisher of a struggling magazine and Erika Alexander, Kim Coles, and Kim Fields as her closest friends. Jeannie Wilson (who plays Janet Fowler) is the attorney girlfriend of Jameson Parker (A.

Jennifer Beals plays Lightman's former wife Zoe Landau, an AUSA. Gerald Mc Raney and Jameson Parker and brothers who own a detective agency. "Legal Tender Love and Care", first broadcast November 28, 2000. In the episode "Take My Wife, Please", Colleen Dewhurst has a guest starring role as a fierce divorce attorney who hires Maddie and David.

Stars Donna Murphy, Erin Cummings, Kyle Mac Lachlan, Janet Montgomery as Martina Garetti. (Washington played Chelina Hall on (CBS, 1981-1989). Frasier hires a female attorney to defend him in a lawsuit brought by Donny, Daphne's ex-fiance. In the episode "Shirts and Skins", Joan Pringle plays a defense attorney, first broadcast January 17, 1989. In the episode "Illegal Smile" (broadcast April 14, 2004), Michael (Daman Wayans) has an unnatural smile due to a botox injection, and incurs the wrath of a traffic court judge (Susan Pertz).

Barbara Hale was his loyal secretary Della Street and William Hopper was P. Stars Kerry Washington as the "fixer," attorney Olivia Pope, and Katie Lowes as newly hired attorney Quinn Perkins. Gina Torres plays partner Jessica Pearson, who has to deal with (somewhat) loose cannon-y Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) is a paralegal with attitude. This CBS drama featured Moira Kelly as Boston public defender Annie Cornell and Jason Beghe as her husband Sean Mc Grail, a police officer who usually arrests the folks Annie defends. Episode: "She's the One", first broadcast November 18, 2002. "My Fair Frasier", first broadcast November 25, 1997. Continued on "Desperately Seeking Closure", first broadcast December 9, 1997.

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