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Venetia Thompson says that if you don’t mind slumming it for a bit, you can snap up an out-of-work banker or trader whose stock is sure to rise soon I’m back behind enemy lines in the Square Mile, thankfully nowhere near the trading floor I used to inhabit, but in a place nearly as terrifying: Coq d’Argent, the City restaurant synonymous with suicide attempts.Perfect backdrop then for a first date who, within five minutes, utters the immortal words: ‘You know, there is an upside to unemployment.

I came across my date’s profile while sifting through the ‘thousands of single, hot, intelligent men’ that most dating websites boast they possess.

His interests were: galleries, the theatre, classical music and long walks in the country.

Pre-recession it was all cocaine, cars, strippers and Spurs. Dig a little deeper and you will find plenty of credit crunch casualties now dating online, with seemingly every profile containing the words ‘in finance’ under ‘occupation’.

For anyone wondering what happened to most of Lehman’s (RIP) credit swaption desk, look no further than, one of the many seemingly recession-proof dating sites.

But now that City boys are all technically ‘in between jobs’ or ‘taking time out to finally get that MBA’, it’s a brave new world full of prix-fixe menus and Dutch treats, where having the freedom to roam à la carte is nothing but a distant memory.

Beeney dating website

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