Carcassonne hunters gatherers online dating

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A river system is all the connected rivers and lakes. The player with the majority of hunters in a meadow scores 2 points for each deer, mammoth and auroch.

When placing a hut there must be NO other hut on this system. The player who has the majority of huts on a river system scores 1 point for each fish within the system. Several connected meadow segments, bounded by forests, rivers and edge of the playing area form a meadow.

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Geographic features must alway match: Rivers on rivers, meadows on meadows and jungle on jungle.

The tile can be orientated/turned by clicking on the green arrow.

You can then click on the picture to place the tile on any free space.

You may then place a meeple on one of those geographic features to control it.

The available positions are highlighte on the card.

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