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He was also part of numerous other parallel films of the 1970s and 1980s. Bhadran's Spadikam (1995) was the last film he worked as a still photographer.He worked with other directors including John Abraham, K. Balakrishnan worked as a still photographer in about 170 films.

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He also showed that better pictures could be taken using the 35mm camera, instead of the 120mm, which had been in vogue earlier." According to noted film critic C. Venkiteswaran, Balakrishnan was much more than a photographer; he was a "historian in a photographer’s garb." Venkiteswaran says: "He [Balakrishnan] travelled with the most important filmmakers of Malayalam, captured their moods, the moments during the making of films and also the cultural and social ambience of the periods in which these films were made." Balakrishnan's first film was Rajiv Anchal's Ammanam Kili.

Anchal says, "I had known him since the days of working with Aravindan for Oridath.

When I turned an independent director with a children’s film Ammanam Kili, I decided to cast him as a gypsy who sold birds.

It was a main role in the film and he did a fine job." As an actor, Balakrishnan had around 180 films to his credit.

He is known for his work on films such as Orkkapurathu (1988), Joker (2000), Kakkothikkavile Appooppan Thaadikal (1988) and Pattanapravesham (1988).

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