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” Again, before you send your query off, you need to ask yourself whether it’s appropriate for the publisher and their audience.

Perhaps you’re thinking of sending that query to Gamespot about racing games, but you find yourself thinking more about specific cars.

Consider that it might be better to write for an automotive website instead.

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If there is something you love, you likely know a lot about it.

Even if you’re a high school student, you probably know tons about high school, or youth culture, or any number of topics that affect you every day.

Just be sure to avoid thinking that because you enjoyed, for example, a sci-fi novel, you should get paid to contribute to science websites.

Perhaps you can land a freelance writing job as a science writer later on, but not until it’s your specialty.

So you’ve found your specialty, and now you’ve found a site or a newspaper or some kind of publisher where you think your potential piece will fit. If it’s been a year or so since they last broached the topic, maybe it’s time to rehash it, especially if it was successful or interesting.

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