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ITC Edwardian Script was designed by Edward Benguiat, an emotional, lyrical, even passionate calligraphic typeface.Its appearance was influenced by the look of writing with a steel point pen, an instrument which can be pushed as well as pulled, and which produces stroke contrast when pressure upon it is varied.The delicate, sophisticated letterforms of ITC Edwardian Script were drawn and redrawn and the connections of the letters were perfected to create the look of true handwriting.

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The Edwardian era proper spans the reign of King Edward VII, who ascended to the throne January 22, 1901 and died May 6, 1910.

Many historians expand the entire period to include the first four years of his son, George V’s reign, in order to mark the start of the First World War as the closing of the age.

Some include WWI, since the end of the war was the final break with the past and the dawn of the modern era. The London Season began with the Private View at the Royal Academy and the opening of the Covent Garden Opera season in May.

Politicians arrived in February, with the opening of Parliament.

The close of the London Season was marked by the week-long regatta at Cowes, Isle of Wight in early August.

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