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Just pray that you like the same teams as me, or it’s on! The Adventurous Writer Girl Once upon a time, you asked me on a date. Hey, I may be a book nerd, but I’m up for anything. The Comic Book Fanatic Guy I think maybe the pinnacle of my life was meeting Stan Lee. Over dinner you asked me about the books I’ve read, my philosophies on life, and then you quoted Shakespeare. Then we took a romantic stroll around a moonlit path. Run to the nearest club and dance the night away or 2. If you know who he is, then we can definitely be friends. They all had something to prove, and they all wanted to help people.

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If you’ve been in the online dating world for more than a day, you’ve probably read through profile after profile after profile. Not to mention that YOUR profile might be a little bland! Maybe even a, “I love long walks on the beach.” Come on, you know you do. It’ll definitely help yours stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

After reading a few, have you noticed that they all sound…. Maybe you’ve even reached the point that if you read another phrase like, “Looking for love,” or “I love to have fun! Here are a few funny online dating profile examples for you to get a few ideas. Look no further because you’ve met Matt—that’s me—and I’m the total package.

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