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05/29/2013 | Filed under: ASK HENRY, Overseas Culture and tagged with: adventure, asawa, asian, attitude, bliss, bohol, cebu, contentment, culture, daily life, dating, expat, family, filipina, find, find wife, foreign, happiness, husband, ideal, island, lapu lapu, lifestyle, mate, money overseas, overseas, Philippines, pinay, poor, preparations to travel, province, relocate, sex, sexpat, single, tourist, travel, tropical, wealth, wife Today’s question from a reader hits on the issue of finding a good Filipina for a wife. It is so easy to meet single women in the Philippines face-to-face. If we become best friends, then maybe after 6 months, if she is the woman of my Dreams, I’m seriously considering living on super scenic, laid back, peaceful Bohol island.

The young ladies where almost falling at my feet when I was last in the Philippines a couple years ago. I’m planning to visit Cebu maybe for a month or more. My goal is to live at least two hours by sea away from my woman’s family and relatives in Cebu.”“On the other hand, my main focus is finding a home and living on Bohol island full time and just visit Cebu by ferry anytime for fun and shopping.

My question is, am I doing the right thing by going to Cebu city initially for several months & looking for and meeting a good woman & best friend in Cebu first before going to Bohol island?

Since I am seriously considering living full time on Bohol in the near future and want to get to know the island, what order should I do this in!?

”“What is the possibility of my meeting a good-hearted young woman on Bohol island compared to in Cebu?

My strong advice to anyone new to the Philippines is; Now, on the down side..

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