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Eventually, Richard broke off his relationship with Ellis, as he felt he was being the better man, by walking away from Ellis, with Meredith only meters away, riding on a carousel.

Meredith vaguely remembers her mother's pregnancy with Webber's child after he broke it off.

In the memory, Ellis made it clear she did not want to even look at the child.

The doll brought up old memories for Meredith, along with a renewed attachment to the doll that resulted in adult Meredith bringing it to work with her one day.

Upon recognizing an Anatomy Jane doll and her own remembered fondness for her own as a child, Dr.

Miranda Bailey allowed Meredith to scrub into a surgery that day on a patient being treated for an inoperable tumor. Richard Webber was quite disturbed, and also feeling a little guilty, at the sight of the doll, as he was reminded of a young Meredith craving her mother's attention and love, yet not getting it since Ellis was not only very focused on her surgical career, but also because he and Ellis were having an affair when they were both interns and residents.

Meredith's parents' marriage was troubled, although a part was due to Ellis spending too much time working and normal everyday problems.

But a large part was due to the fact that Ellis was having an affair for years, with one of her colleagues and best friends, Dr. Their marital issues proved too great and eventually Thatcher left the home when Meredith was five years old.

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