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There’s a lot of room for interpretation with transgender characters: the personal nature of gender expression, transition choices, and feelings of disconnect with one’s birth gender all differ greatly for each individual who identifies as transgender.

There are no universal truths, but one thing that must be present in these YA novels is a respect for atypically gendered characters.

Not that these characters should have no problems or be loved by absolutely everyone they know — but the narration, character descriptions, and other supporting information needs to be written in a way that does not make the character into a lesser human or exploit them for comic relief.

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Little, Brown Young Readers A collection of ten short fiction by one of the best GLBT writers.

Tales of love and lust, romance and heartbreak grace each of the pages.

You'll hear about coming out and all the challenges that are faced by girls everyday.

Read about a girl who sees herself as a "", a father her turns her daughter to stone through abuse and a chat room that helps girls get over their heartache.

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