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Description: groothandel in Best, koopt wereldwijd in en brengt bijzondere zaken op de Nederlandse markt.Over een oppervlakte van 8500 m² vindt u de meest uiteenlopende voorbeelden van attributen om woon-, werk- en leefruimtes apart in te richten.Description: Located in the North of France, we are doing business with dealer antique from France and other dealers from worldwide. Description: Since 1970 the address of purchases for the antique trade in Europe.

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Laetitia, Tonino & Pierre TANCHIS Description: The best export address for second hand, bric-a-brac, rustic and antique furniture. Experienced container loading and shipping worldwide. Daily changing stock, container & shipping service, airport pick up service, professional packers,....

French-, Belgian-, Dutch-, English-, German- and Swedish antiques.

Because of our own import we can sell at low prices.

The selection of furniture is more diverse than anywhere in Belgium or France.

We trade with other merchants and will deliver items free of charge to the monthly antiques fair at Le Mans (76) in France.

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