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he was the third child of serf peasants Hryhoriy Ivanovych Shevchenko (1782?

Those uprisings were brutally suppressed and normal social life was disrupted for many years in Cherkasy, Poltava, Kyiv, Bratslav, and Chernihiv. August 20] 1823 Taras' hard working and unhappy mother died.

Most of the local population was enslaved and impoverished. January 29] 1823 his older sister and nanny Kateryna married Anton Krasytsky, a peasant from Zelena Dibrova. At that time Shevchenko became familiar with some works of Ukrainian literature.

In 1816 the Shevchenko family moved back to the village of Kyrylivka in Zvenigorodka county (today Shevchenkove) from where Hryhoriy Ivanovych hailed. Soon tired of Bohorsky's enduring mistreatment, Shevchenko ran away to seek out a painting master in the surrounding villages.

In 1827 Shevchenko herded community sheep near his village.

He then met Oksana Kovalenko, a childhood friend, whom Shevchenko mentions in his works on multiple occasions.

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