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The police ignore the youngster’s complaints, but with help from a female doctor and an astronomer, the boy discovers that an invasion is underway as aliens with big heads have housed themselves in the nearby dunes.This movie had such an effect on me that I made my parents show me the back of their necks to make sure they didn’t have the same markings as the parents in the film.Then I insisted that my friends’ parents do the same. Target Earth (1954): The idea of a large city being abandoned—ala The World, the Flesh and the Devil, The Omega Man, 28 Days Later…, The Quiet Earth, and I Am Legend—has always touched a nerve in me.

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During a recent New Year’s Eve marathon of The Twilight Zone, I was reminded of something that scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a mere tyke.

As a baby-boomer growing up in Philadelphia, I was raised on horror movies on Saturday afternoons (introduced by an amiable ghoul named Dr. I also was a slave to such shows as The Outer Limits, One Step Beyond and the aforementioned Twilight Zone.

I guess I just couldn’t get enough of horror in my life.

It was during the recent marathon that the Twilight Zone entry called Eye of the Beholder aired.

That’s the one where a woman is all bandaged up like a mummy, having just undergone her eleventh surgery in order to look normal like everyone else.

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