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” Or when the contestants had to come up with new captions for a completely racist Halloween party pic from Australia.

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In the series finale, Carrie grows restless in Paris; Steve's mother (Anne Meara) becomes disoriented; Charlotte gets news from China; and chemo compromises Sam's libido.

This is the episode where he treats her like she’s nobody, like their relationship is nothing. It’s miserable and is usually caused by one person being a self-involved, insensitive douche and the other person being a masochist.

The episode where he tells Carrie he’s moving to Paris for business for seven months, maybe a year, is on today. If you’ve ever experienced the exquisite pain, you know it’s not so exquisite.

The episode is titled “La Douleur Exquise.” The exquisite pain.

Someone should hold a protest rally against that sort of thing.

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