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My current fields of work and research are feedback and assessment in Academic Writing, and writing in the discipline of Architecture.I have been a member of the EATAW since 2009 and joined the conference in Coventry 2009 and Limerick 2011.

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For me and my colleagues, teaching and coaching students in writing is a task that demands a lot of creativity and good nerves when confronted with administrative forces.

However, the most important message that we mean to convey is that writing is fun and not just an instrument of testing.

This is my may concern in my classes on academic and creative writing as well as on writing research and the academic genre.

I have been a member of the EATAW for four years and have been member of the board for two years.

At the moment I contribute as Treasurer on the board. I have been teaching academic writing for more than ten years at different universities in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy.

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