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This means I must have the TV’s volume on an even number, and only increase it or decrease it by even numbers as well. The fear normally starts while I’m in the passanger seat of a car and for some reason I start thinking that there is too much weight on the floor in my apartment or any building and the floor will collapse and I start freaking out or the building I work in will collapse while I’m in it. i think they’re gonna dance on my face Things borrowing inside me Mad cow disease Being stabbed repeatedly and More I think I need help : S OMG! i try to keep Butcus away from buddy bird but its like he is addicted to the danger of it. Maybe the chills, maybe some fear, maybe some hatred, or maybe nothing.

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and to go to a restaurant and order a steak ‘well done’ with ‘no pink what-so-ever’ doesn’t work very often. and i cant stand to even watch them touch thier own.

I dont mind snails so much, maybe it’s because they hide in their shells and you can’t see them anymore… on a good day i can handle it very quickly (straight from the package to the pot, pan, or whatever) as long as i have on rubber gloves or plastic bags over my hands. no one can touch mine and i cant touch other people’s.

i live by myself and it limits my cooking abilities! the little liniee on my sock under my toes i freak out people behind me im paranoid cops. or to a sikeee ward or somewhere lol i cant go no wheres now tho i tis be at school =] byeeeeee i have a fear of wrists.

i think i should get this checked out off to see the doc..

and some black people =] WOW I HAVE LIKE 6579873521 FEARSSS MAYNE thats kindaaa ….

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