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Crete is an agriculturally-based island, with a strong dependence on summer tourism, as it offers very clean and enticing beaches and unique opportunities for agro-tourism holidays.

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What I cook in my own home is what people generally cook in the locality.

Cretan cuisine is based on eating fresh local seasonal produce.

The food sources generally come from the island, with a few items being imported (such as potatoes, onion, lemons, pulses and flour), mainly due to the increased demand for them and the fact that people have moved away from a subsistence economy, and are now generally urban in essence.

Some culinary traditions are dying out (if they haven't died out already); many of the hunter-gatherer-forager food sources previously used in the island's cuisine are now being cultivated or raised industrially, which is a natural outcome of the island's move away from farming to tourism and other urban jobs.

Globalisation aside, however, Cretan cuisine remains relatively true to its origins, and its modernisation is mainly based on health concerns, such as the use of fewer fats and lipids, a decrease in the amount of olive oil used in an individual dish, and a creative use of a greater combination of fruits and vegetables in less traditional ways.

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