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As I pulled up to the Morris home, I noticed they resembled a typical Suwanee family with five kids: toys were strewn around the backyard, teens were grabbing snacks out of the fridge, his little sister was having a “play date” with a friend in her room, and Mom & Dad, Blake and Tawny Morris, were keeping it all together.“Matt, did you clean the dirt under your nails for the photo shoot?” his mom asked as I saw the 4’ 6”, 11-year- old boy come running down the stairs wearing his signature “Matty B” hat and white Nike Air Jordans.“Sorry,” she turned to me, “he was just playing outside before you got here”.

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But, when Matty B isn’t in school, hanging out with friends, skateboarding, playing baseball or airsoft, he is rapping and creating songs and videos that have generated nearly 1 billion views on You Tube and a combined 7.7 million followers on social media!

he moved in with his Aunt and Uncle (Blake and Tawny Morris).

At that point, Matty B was six years old and just started getting into music and dance.

He loved having his older cousin around the house and considers him a role model.

Tickets & VIP “Meet & Greet” tickets will go on sale Friday, August 19th at 10AM Central Time!

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