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He is especially known for his horror playthroughs, though he now plays games with other genres. When he supposedly forgot his password, he created another channel by adding 'Pie' because "He fucking loves Pie." It has now become his main channel.The name "Pew Die Pie" was formed by the term 'Pew! So the name 'Pes the first character ever officially made by Pew Die Pie, appearing in the first episode of Amnesia: The Dark Descent on December 27, 2010.Felix became the Most Subscribed You Tube Channel of all Time on August 15, 2013 but dropped to #2 after The You Tube Spotlight Channel beat him on November 2nd, 2013.

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Then after several hours, on December 9th, he reclaimed the title once again and has not lost it since.

He currently gets subscribers at an average of one per minute, explaining why he's made it this far with 31,000,000+ subscribers.

At the moment, he is in a relationship with Marzia Bisognin or Cutie Pie Marzia.

His younger brother also has a channel where he uploads videos of Felix doing stupid things from his videos as well as some comedy videos he found online called Skater Of Fabulous .

Adam Dahlberg known on You Tube as Sky Does Minecraft is an immensely popular Minecraft You Tuber who is famous for calling gold "Butter" and hating the Minecraft squids.

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