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by  |  04-Jan-2015 13:15

" At first the thought didn't bother me that much because I'm very confident I'm not attracted to MY OWN BROTHER but after 4 hours of work I had this weird feeling telling me I am attracted to him and I am cool with it.

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Ever since that day I have suffered from major weight loss, vomiting every day because of panic attacks and crying nearly every single day.

I lost interest in nearly everything and I would stay home most of the time because I was so scared to go out in public.

I would also lock my self in my room because seeing my own family gave me panic attacks.

I am finally going to see a mental health professional which specialises in treating OCD soon .

My entire OCD revolves around the idea of what if I'm sexually attracted to my family members and my dog and what if I'm a homosexual?

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