Philippines online dating things to watch out for cipher breaking online dating

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The cost is a one-time-only payment equal to half the cost of a single month of cable or satellite viewing.There is also no need to hook up to cable or install a satellite dish.All you needs is a PC or laptop with an internet connection, and you'll be able to view channels from all over the world.

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Few weeks ago at pargor casino I lose 19k peso in less then 2hours I was lucky to strike a minor jackpo(10k peso) on my last 500peso bill.

people start crowding around saying u very lucky u very lucky the girl player next to me came extreme close to me striking a conversation I ignore every single fucker around me just take a smoke while waiting for the slot attendant to come write a receipt to cash out.i had similar experience in the past those who talk to u are just looking for that slice of cheese hoping u feel generous & tip them( they call it lucky money but i call it money for doing nothing) girls came to u striking a conversation is the same except that they try to ask u out to eat so they can make your monkey business to your hotel or maybe drug & rob u I duno since I stay away from all this shit when I'm gambling & obvious spider sense.

Some security will look after u knowing u are a regular patron & warn u not to go with those girls.

The best part is the slot attendant came write the receipt & u have to go to the cashier counter sign with them to cash out.there came the shamelest act before I even get my winning the attendant making waterfall action on the tip box.needless to say i do not want to leave a tip but the cashier will leave the small domination in tokens that's all I leave behind while looking at thier shameless face picking up the tokens.

Back in 1982 life was safer and better but things have changed and especially now with the economical difficulties we are going through.

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