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The others are eager to grab the MC mic out of Jae-suk’s hands at the slip-up and carry on their own interview.

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Kwang-soo quotes a saying of how today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemies, to which Jong-kook counters: “You’re always the enemy.” Touché.

It seem silly then to know who’s on what team at present if and when those identities can easily change today.

What we know is that our fangirl has outlined all of today’s games and rules—no easy feat for a whole production team who plans every week, let alone one person.

The cast must pair up before their first game, and as expected, all the boys cast their votes for Dohee, who decides to pick whoever has the best satoori (aka countrified) accent.

What if you could create your own Running Man episode from start to finish?

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