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The twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall.

Follow IMDb on Facebook A group a young warriors known as 'Saints', each in possession of a 'cloth' guarded by a different constellation, must protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena as she attempts to keep the Earth from being destroyed by evil forces.

Abel the resurrected Sun-God has come to take her sister Athena with him and rule the world together, he plains to destroy humanity in the form of terrible natural disasters, Athena chooses...

See full summary » Warriors called "Saints" are the champions of hope who have always appeared since the Age of Myth whenever evil threatens the world.

I wasn’t sure if people would like my little pursuit into the world of Dark Romance, but thank the Lord you did!!! I always had a loose plan for where the series could go (after all, the witness testimonies of ex-members and current members of NRM’s I have collected over the years, are vast), both with the Hades Hangmen and The Order.

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