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Samantha: Women have the right to use every means at their disposal to achieve power. Wait a minute, I thought I ordered two eggs benedict and one spinach omelette. (After Gilles has slept with Carrie, he leaves her a note and 1,000 dollars)Miranda: (reading the note) 'Thanks for the beautiful day.' Must've been a hell of a beautiful day. We had such a fantastic connection, then he leaves me money. Samantha: I just can't believe you had dinner at Balzac.

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Miranda: The room service is one thing, but the money - uh-uh. Carrie: I don't know whether to take it as an incredible compliment or as an incredible insult. Carrie: Well, I wouldn't know how to return it anyway because the one thing he didn't leave me was his phone number.

Miranda: Don't listen to the dime store Camille Paglia.

Therefore, getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power.

While shoe-shopping, Carrie meets Amalita and her new rich boyfriend.

It wasn't the topic that was fun, it was the reality in what happened that was fun.

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