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And we continue to improve our stones’ quality and production at a rapid pace.” WD Lab Grown Diamonds has an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality, most beautifully cut diamonds available anywhere – and to providing indisputable third-party documentation of the quality of each of its diamonds to its distributors and to consumers.

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The firm is also exploring high-tech and industrial applications for its diamond.

Full IGI analyses of the new stone and other WD Lab Grown Diamonds stones are available here.

“Other labs have produced stones of this size, but no one has produced a CVD diamond of this size and quality,” says said WD Lab Grown Diamonds Founder and Chairman Clive Hill.

“With this piece, WD Lab Grown Diamonds has crossed another important threshold.

We expect to be mass producing two carat round and 2.5 carat princess stones by the end of the year.” WD Lab Grown Diamonds has reached yet another crucial milestone – one that should satisfy even the purest diamond purist.

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