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by  |  08-May-2016 22:32

We have been working TEN different cases of sexual exploitation, with eight of these being brought to us just since January 7th.

Usually, we have an average of one new case per week, so you can imagine the stress our staff have been under!

They need all of our support to get through their days!

Sexual exploitation in cambodia

SIEM REAP, Cambodia, 4 December 2008 – In the rural village of Prolet, 17-year-old Phlat sits on the bare floor of her simple timber and thatch house and recounts the trauma she has had to overcome after being sexually assaulted.

“I shut out memories of it," she says, suppressing tears. And I have made lots of friends at school who help me to overcome this.” Sitting with Phlat is a worker from the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre (CWCC).

For the past six months, this worker has helped Phlat recover from her ordeal.

A UNICEF partner, the CWCC is dedicated to helping women and children who are the victims of rape, trafficking or domestic violence.

The CWCC is located in a large house in the nearby city of Siem Reap.

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