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Spain x italy online dating

And by small addiction, I mean a problem that made her become entirely antisocial. With her mother refusing to leave her alone and father that always expected her to be on the top of everything, only one person was able to keep her happy. She didn't think he would ever pose as a problem. It took a moment or two, but she found a cab willing to actually pick her up and drive her to the opposite side of town. After a good amount of time in a small string of traffic and a few lights, she got out of the cab and looked at the park entrance.

Only one person that could give her enough positivity for the day. The worst part was that she didn't even know his name. She gave the driver a smile and sat down, looking at the side window. She handed the cab driver his pay and smiled, watching him drive off.

Any time she asked a question, they replied with "my family doesn't want me to give out personal information." It frustrated her beyond belief, but she went along with it. Then a thought struck her and panic rung through her body.

She had purchased a single, blue dress for this occasion that went down to her mid-thigh and showed off her arms.

While her usual outfit was some graphic tee she randomly pulled out of her closet by luck, some sweatpants, and socks, she wanted to impress him.

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