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Republicans have called such tactics “voter enticement”.

Read the rest of this entry »As an attorney, Alicia Ferrante should have known better than to use a not-for-profit organization to promote her candidacy for Sussex County Surrogate.

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This violates the policies of the not-for-profit organization that runs the parade.

Read the rest of this entry » Posted: March 11, 2013 in County Wide, Freeholder Race Tags: Ailish Hambel, Alison Mc Hose, Bunny Coccula, Gary Chiusano, Glen Vetrano, Hal Wirths, Parker Space, Steve Oroho, Sussex County Democrats, Sussex County Dems, Sussex County Republicans, Sussex Cunty GOP, Wendy Molnar Should the Sussex County Democrats be reporting the help they get from the New Jersey Herald as in-kind corporate contributions?

Should the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission be alerted?

Maybe it’s our imagination but the Herald seems to be sucking more than usual these days.

, AFP Foundation is dealing you a winning hand this weekend in Atlantic City!

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