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XDAs expected, our senpai are amazing~Halfway into the movie I couldn't realise anymore if he was acting or it was himself, that's how great his acting was. But since then I haven’t been injured or sick once; I was a super healthy child.

The other day, I saw the movie starring Kusanagi-san,"Chuugakusei Maruyama"Oh boy-It was so funny I laughed out loud! Bye byeee ( ´ ▽ ` )ノcredit:translation by loveandcoffee My younger self I was born prematurely, and I’ve been told that I was in the hospital for quite a long time.

Miyata: It’s when I was in elementary school, but on the day of a festival, I got called out by a girl of the same grade with “I have something to say to you...”Tamamori: That sounds good! ”, I followed the girl, and she confessed to me, “I like H-kun. I'm writing while I clean my room XDIt's kind of hard XDShall I talk about what's going on recently! When we're acting, I can't see his face unless I look up! Well then, I'll focus on cleaning so I'll stop here!

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Aren’t people who brings out a natural atmosphere great? Tamamori: I guess someone who gives out a gentle atmosphere is good. Tamamori: I don’t deal well with it if they’re clingy though. When they laugh too, more like a wahaha type of laughter. Like when she’s eating a sausage and she does something like, hiding her mouth and saying, “I can’t eat any~more! Tamamori: Even without eating sausages, you can tell if she’s a cutesy girl by her atmosphere (laughs). There’s no way they can ignore the owner of the ability to create the golden ratio of 9:1 for tsundere completely unintentionally! ” I had a completely different character compared to now.

Miyata: It means honest people like Tama are my type. Miyata: I thought the girl you like is something you gaze at... I don't have many scenes with Hokuto so we don't have many chances to meet, but please be nice to me till the end-.! I was actually a mischievous, cheerful and loud child; even my parents would often tell me “You chatter too much!

It’s like, “She’s cool~”Miyata: I like petite girls, but I’d look if there was someone like that around. I seriously think that I want to have a destined meeting like having a girl fall from the sky. Miyata: Also, at the library, I’d touch the hand of the girl trying to take the same book and picking up the book she dropped, I’d say, “You dropped it,” and the story starts from there. No matter what you say, you’d listen to the whims of the other and even if you’re being aloof now, when it’s just the two of you, you have a side of a “kind man” and would show your kindness all out. Miyata: If there’s a door in front of the girl though, you’d open it for her, right? Miyata: You’d do things like holding bags for the girl, right? Miyata: Despite how you were all aloof until just now, what’s with the sudden loveliness!? (laughs) But that would leak out to our parents and I still remember how angry they would get.

Tamamori: You’re the type who can’t get married for his whole life (laughs). I was “uchibenkei” (Note: someone haughty and boastful at home, but meek and reserved outside) and a cry-baby so it happened that I would cry and wail “I got bit by my little brother! Even when it comes to underwear, he’s recently started wearing really stylish boxer type ones. Unexpectedly I was told “We’re going to an audition tomorrow.” Even though I already had made plans to go fishing she said “Even if you wouldn’t pass it would be a nice memory”, and I was pretty much forced to come along. I wore a yellow hooded sweatshirt that got almost completely wet with tears.

Miyata: Tama, you’re actually hoping for a fated meeting yourself too though, right~? The point is FEELING, FEVER, and FUTURE with the other. Tamamori: I just said it, going along with the mood (laughs). (laughs) He seems to be in a bit rebellious age at the moment, but my family has always been really close knitted; both now and in the past. (laughs) When I get there to give it a try I didn’t even know where to sit, and because I couldn’t dace I got really nervous. ” Because I didn’t have any special skills it’s still a mystery how I passed the audition.

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