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A substantial body of research confirms the efficacy of writing as a therapeutic intervention, and although tapping out a text message isn’t the same as keeping a diary, it can act as a behavioral buffer, providing distance between a person and intense, immediate, and often impulsive feelings.Communication by text message is halting and asynchronous, which can be frustrating when you’re waiting for a reply but liberating when you don’t want to respond.The young people who contact Crisis Text Line might be doing so between classes, while waiting in line for the bus, or before soccer practice.

If you’re a parent, you know that, even if your son does not text you back about where he is, he has read your message.

If you are a distressed teen or a counsellor, you know that what you say will be read.

A person can contact Crisis Text Line without even looking at her phone.

The number—741741—traces a simple, muscle-memory-friendly path down the left column of the keypad.

Anyone who texts in receives an automatic response welcoming her to the service.

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