Televisa deportes la jugada online dating pinay na may edad naka skypecam

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It's sad, but it seems that there's more to dig and Proceso has learned that "La Jugada" host is actually getting investigated for something way bigger.

According to a source, Javier was involved in an embezzlement scheme and Televisa is in the process of investigating the situation.

He allegedly took over 10 million pesos, which is over half a million dollars.

Insiders said that Alarcón's office was sealed off and he was not allowed to grab his personal things as they will be going through his belongings and work computer to see if they can find anything.

The news of who will be replacing Javier Alarcón has not been made official, but it is rumored that Francisco Javier González will take his place as the Televisa Deportes Director.

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