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by  |  09-May-2016 08:49

For whatever reason I cannot get it to function, and I suspect the culprit is the Hsphere control panel on my server. I do not see why a server control panel will prevent you to use the real module.

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I'm not sure what the US legal requirements are, but it sounds to me like it's perhaps waiting out the next month or two and changing the name when you renew.

I beleive Go Daddy will let you renew early, and I guess that could be another option - or you could simply register a new certificate. I'm in the process of switching to a different merchant provider and they might notice the discrepancy.

Remember, nobody actually looks at the name embedded in your SSL certificate. Figured I would make the changes with Go Daddy before the new merchant account provider inspects my site.

Long story short, I'm a new CDG Commerce merchant trying (unsuccessfully) to make their Quantum Payment module work in Zencart.

I talked to tech support via chat this afternoon and they aren't sure about the problem.

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