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But he used, I believe it was Steve as his name,” she said.

Baskett certainly would have had his reasons for attempting anonymity.

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And although Baskett allegedly seemed nervous, London said the 31-year-old was the first to take his clothes off.

“We quickly went to my bedroom where things got a little hot because he had already had taken off his clothes and he was erected,” she said of their first alleged encounter.

“I started giving him a hand job and he was playing with my penis ‘cause he was laying down and I was like, you know, above him, so that’s when I realized who he was.” Although she claimed the two did not have sexual intercourse, she said Baskett still was satisfied.

PHOTOS: Top Celebrity Sex Scandals “He put my penis close to his face and that’s when he, you know, he came really quickly,” she alleged.

“Hank and I gave each other hand jobs and he played with my breasts.

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