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I recently took the FCE exam and I am now studying for CAE. 46/9 Nguyen Trai Street District 5 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Camford Language School 34 Downs Street Wrexbury Devon EX45 7AZ United Kingdom 14 April 2011 Dear Ms Smith I am writing to enquire about your summer courses which I saw advertised in ‘English Today’. Closing: greeting and signature Now look at the following example letter and check.

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Compare the question forms below: Look at the example letter again. Write the following questions and requests in an indirect (polite and formal) way.

In a formal letter of enquiry we often use polite forms to ask questions. If it is grammatically a question, use a question mark e.g. How can I practice writing indirect questions and requests?

Closing: greeting and signature How do we ask questions and make requests in a letter of enquiry? The first part is a polite expression, such as ‘I would be grateful if’. To choose the correct punctuation, look at the grammar of the first part.

Please could you tell me if you provide special training for goalkeepers?

Level: Pre-intermediate and above Brief description: This lesson is designed to analyse the structure and style of a formal letter of enquiry. A letter of enquiry typically has the following sections.

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