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Jeffrey Pratt Gordon, the Johnny Eck archivist, showed up later in the day and bought a bunch of books about freaks, so I was off to a good start. ” signs that were plastered all over the front window. I spent well over a hundred bucks, and only received a few of the items that I’d ordered. At around this same time, I also discovered The Church of the Sub Genius book High Weirdness by Mail at the local library, which got me into ordering zines.

I don’t remember the first few weeks being anything exceptional. And then I discovered Factsheet Five at Reptilian Records in Fells Point.

I was looking for the 45 of Berserk’s “Giant Robots”. I bought the entire back catalog of Murder Can Be Fun.

So there was all this weird stuff colliding at once. Within a few months, I was buying stamps in huge rolls… It was exciting to come home from my job as a hospital foodservice director and see all these zines spread across the living room floor after my angry mailman had shoved them through the mail slot.

Alfonso got you a very special Valentine's Day gift.

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