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The group reaches Travis' truck and escapes, but not before Griselda is injured by a collapsing scaffold.Unable to reach a hospital, the group drives to Madison's house, where Nick, Madison, and Alicia temporarily flee when the zombified Mr.Dawson attempts to enter, attracted by the barking dog Nick had let in. All three families decide to stay the night and evacuate in the morning.

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After the run-in with zombified Calvin, Nick, Madison, and Travis choose to flee to the desert, and they want Alicia, Liza, and Chris to follow. Travis arrives and sees a bite on Matt, who convinces Alicia to leave.

The group returns to Madison's home to gather supplies.

Nick suffers from heroin withdrawal, so Madison drives to her school to get him Oxycodone. A zombified Artie tries to bite Tobias, so Madison kills Artie and drives Tobias home.

Chris’ bus is trapped in a traffic jam caused by a zombie shooting by the police.

He films the event and joins in a protest against that and other recent fatal police shootings, when Travis and Liza meet up with him.

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