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Batten down the hatches: Hurricane Dedee is coming!

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This also applies in his dating life with his love 'em and leave 'em approach.

Then Vince meets Jane, who is beautiful, successful and also extremely driven.

Together they enter into a series of entertaining wagers with each other where the winner gets to decide the fate of the loser.

In the genre of black comedy, The Opposite of Sex focuses on teenager Dedee Truitt (Christina Ricci). Following her stepfather’s funeral, she runs away and moves in with her half-brother Bill (Martin Donovan), who is a teacher.

It’s different because it’s flat-out great.” “[Roos’s] dialogue (including an on-and-off voiceover by Ricci’s pregnant, runaway sociopath) has a ringing clarity, his satire is low-key but quite real, and his actors mesh so perfectly you’d swear they rehearsed for months before shooting.” Did You Know?

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