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We don't want to alarm any Union J fans out there, but it might be time to start wearing your gran's black net curtains as some sort of mourning veil as cherub-faced (and bottomed) X Factor star George Shelley has revealed that he's not up for dating fans of the band.

As far as we can tell, it sounds like George is a bit pepped up on E Numbers for us to assume he is thinking clearly, but asked if he'd ever date a fan by We Love Pop, he said: "No.

Because the fan world is close knit and word spreads really fast between them.""And then they'd hate the band and stuff.

So it's just easier not to date a fan."It doesn't sound like he's looking for a gal pal to snuggle up in a onesie made for two anyway, and he added: "But I'm really bad at relationships.

I get bored."Yeah George, we would too if we were only up for dating someone who hated our band and couldn't recite every single word to every single cover we ever performed on the X Factor. We can see his point; nobody wants to upset the world of Jcats and we all know what happened when Harry Styles started dating Swifty.

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