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This drama has been one of the most enjoyable and beautiful school-themed dramas i've ever seen and to watch Jung Eun Ji and Lee Won Geun play as leads in this drama, it was crazily nice(chemistry was on-point) .

They loved each other so much and with both Yeon Do and Kim Yeol could accept their relationship, it was the best: D And that was also the reason why Kim Yeol asked his father to adopt him so the parents could get married.

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If they aired it after the exam period, I'm sure it would have been a great hit!! Wish them all the best in their future projects the most thing that can make me keep watching this drama till the end is only kim yeol's face~ if only the one that played yeon doo was prettier~~ lol. But after watching the finale, i was convinced that 12 episodes were just perfect for this drama. I wish that part would have blown me away but it didn't. OHH IAM GONNA MISS THIS SHOW ❤ LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!! it teaches me what friendship really is, and what should be done when we're 18 (hahaha). This drama is great and we can learn the bond of friendship in school.

eunji isnt that ugly but lee won geun just too handome. Although I felt extremely sad for not seeing Kim Yeol anymore, but I believe it was just right on the spot. :( Lastly, forgiving Soo-Wan was hard but I'm glad her friends did. I learned how important is friendship to everyone and that you only live once. I hope there's more and i'm looking for sassy gogo 2. I love it and it entertains me and many people seem to like it.

I like how the writer did not speed up the time and show 5 years after or so to show how the kids become after their highschool unforgettable experience. I also learned that we need to be happy as long as we lived and just enjoy everything that comes in your lifetime. It will be nice if this drama has season 2 with the same cast as seniors.

I like how the writer preserve the thought of the those kids as a highschool student until the very last episode. As for all the kids, they did an awesome job for playing their characters well. And Soo Bin, she not only a star with beautiful face but with pure talent!! Anyway, i am thankful for all people who had participated in this drama and the writer to write such a good plot. Oh lord, I love you a lot, Lee Won Geun, Ji soo and Eunji.

I was surprised because I didnt expect that those cutie pies (Yeol and hajoon) can act very well. Good job☺ Ahhh~~ I wish it could extent to about 16~18 episodes. Wish I can see you guys in another drama project together and so it ended... Learn to deal with opinion, stop being prejudiced about things you don't agree. I mean if you think this drama is not good enough for you why wasting yr time watch it?

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