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Destinul e in genele noastre, spune o celebra fraza si e adevarat, dar la fel de adevarat e ca acest destin nu e batut in cuie.

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Hazards women reps pages • Poster US government research shows women are at greater risk from many workplace hazards, and examines evidence on "working women and stress" and "women in construction". Infact for many modern work hazards it is often women facing more of the risk.

Another study shows women facing high work demands, low control and low social support are at the greatest risk of ill-health. Hazards guide and resources on a "gender sensitive" health and safety approach.

Although invisible in official statistics on work-related accidents and illnesses, women are more likely to be victims of poor safety standards at work, says the Brussels-based International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).

ICFTU Online • ICFTU Online: Health and safety - women pay dearly A new TUC report says the health and safety of twelve million women is being ignored.

It can also be used to start raising awareness of women's health and safety concerns among members.

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